oh god not again

alright so i’m gonna be totally honest here.

i don’t really want to do pony blogs like this anymore.

the main reason i don’t update is because i don’t really want to. i just want to draw freely, without feeling like i have to stick to a theme or something. i also get anxiety that my art won’t be good enough for you guys and you’ll be disappointed and all like “c’mon man are you even trying anymore” or whatever. i just don’t find this kind of thing fun like i used to.

for now i just want to be able to draw whatever comes to mind. it’ll still mostly be ponies, but it’ll just be art updates on my main blog from now on. it was kind of dumb of me to think i’d be able to handle something like this, i knew i’d give up eventually, and i really apologize for getting all your hopes up. i’ve failed you all.

so again, i’m deeply sorry for stopping another blog, i feel pretty bad. maybe one day i’ll come back to it, but not any time soon.

if you aren’t following my main blog it’s here, if you still want to see my art i’ll be posting them over there.